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Some Common Sense on Reopening

“The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society. The central liberal truth is that politics can change a culture and save it from itself.”
- Daniel Patrick Moynihan

In our current predicament the central conservative truth is correct, the culture is going to predict the success of our society. I cannot believe (sadly, actually, I can) that the details of reopening have become one big cultural virtue-signal-fest.

This is not that hard. We need to reopen or the carnage of individual livelihoods and the economic strength that underpins our geopolitical leverage will be decimated beyond repair. But that does not mean the threat has gone away.

Just because we’ve grown tired of the lockdowns doesn’t mean you can’t get sick. More importantly, doesn’t mean you can’t get someone else sick.

A friend sent me pics of a crowded Cleveland bar this weekend. Zero masks, zero distancing. This scene from Colorado is happening all across the US.

Happy Mother’s Day from C& C in Castle Rock, where the owner said this is almost double a normal Mother’s Day. pic.twitter.com/cPSzjmAfAg

— Nick Puckett (@nick__puckett) May 10, 2020

Shortly after this video went viral the state revoked their license. That’s not okay either!

America is an individualistic society. You can’t keep us locked up, and you can’t deny businesses the right to earn a living. So it’s incumbent on us, the individuals, to be smart and take every single necessary precaution.

I am just as much a liberty loving blue blooded American as the next guy. I get that wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, and taking every necessary precaution sucks and has a stigma of collectivist adherence to overreaching state authority - but that’s all it is, a stigma.

If you want to actually go to baseball game, if you want to actually get loaded at a bar with friends, if you want to actually, get back to the office - wear the damn mask inside places and take the extra precautions in public. Don’t fall for the illusion of normalcy. Don’t ease up - compete. Compete against the virus and compete for Old Glory.

The reason South Korea and Taiwan are able to contain this, why they have live baseball, is because they do those things well. I promise you going to the bars now is not worth a second wave in the winter that could leave hundreds of thousands of our American brothers and sisters dead. At those levels it will become personal for almost everyone.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most people who are culturally defiant on masks et al. are those who share a D-Day post every June 6th. I usually do that too. If that’s the case, ask yourself if staying home, wearing a mask, waiting a few minutes longer in lines, and taking the few extra minutes to protect yourself and others in public comes anywhere near that level of sacrifice. Here’s the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan for reference.

I’m not saying become a comporting hermit, I’m saying just be smart so we can reopen - permanently.

America can and will only return to normal once we beat this.

First published on May 20, 2020