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This Insight on Coffee Changed my Life

Aha! Got you to click. Well, hopefully it’s worth it.

The the old coffee drinking me’s morning used to go something like this. Get up at around 5, slam a cup of coffee, get a workout in, be tired again by 8, then naturally drink another cup. Then, most days, I’d get ridiculously tired in the afternoon, and again after dinner.

I had a hunch the timing of the first cup was likely to blame and sure enough, I found this handy graphic (don’t know source but the science checks out) and it changed the game.


By drinking coffee before 9am you’re basically stopping for gas on a full tank, overflowing the tank, then causing most of the gas to spill out in the process.

I’ve been drinking one cup around 9am and another around 2pm for almost two years now and it’s honestly revolutionary. There’s never a crash with this system.

I’ll admit, it’s not easy to go a few hours without a cup when I’m low on sleep. And converting coffee from an experience (like the smell as the sun is rising) to a utility kind of takes the pleasure out of it, but it’s worth it.


First published on August 9, 2020