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The ABC Universal Commercial Electric Telegraphic Code

tl;dr: Probably the best resource for naming a company or project.

Telegrams were pithy, using literal convections with few to no punctuations. Telegram services like Western Union used to charge by the word and even character limit words, so different sets of codes were developed to convey more meaning in fewer words.

This guide takes a root word, lists common phrases using that word, and assigns a word as a code for the phrase. Many of the code words are unique, which is what makes this a powerful naming tool.

"Every day the value of the telegraphic system is being more and more felt. It has revolutionised our commerce, and proved of inestimable value in domestic affairs ; there is no relation of life in which the in- fluence of the change it has effected has not been felt. Electricity has done as much as human effort can accomplish towards the annihilation of space and time, and its adaptation for practical purposes is, perhaps, the greatest invention of the present century."

Author: William Clauson-Thue

Link: The ABC Universal Commercial Electric Telegraphic Code

First published on July 1, 2020