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Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces

Authors: Tom Clancy & Carl Stiner

tl;dr: A history of the Special Operations community within the American military. Starting with the Jedburgh teams in World War II, which were small groups of Allies that went deep into Nazi Germany to inflict disproportionate amounts of pain. To the missions in Vietnam, Lebanon, Panama, Nicaragua, and more.

The book details all special operations but primarily tells the stories through the eyes of Army Special Forces, aka Green Berets. This is because the co-author is “Country” Carl Stiner. Stiner played a pivotal role in setting up and building up our unconventional warfare capabilities.

It’s hard to believe now but all the way to 9/11 most conventional forces inside the military looked down on spec ops. The book gives first hand accounts of both combat and political battles along the way.


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First published on May 23, 2020